Dead Trees Still Stand

It bathes
In the sea of the sun
Though the rays
Mean nothing to it anymore
Just days
Its body
Left with none
Of which that made Joyce Kilmer
Wrote verses about the beauty of trees
(Can it still be called pretty
without the flowers and the leaves?)
Wrinkled, gnarled, dry, devoid
Its age a secret
Like a woman turning 40
Until it’s cut halfway

Is it in the marriage
Of its roots to its soil
Which cradled its seed?
It does not need its presents
The soil continues to give
But it will embrace it
Through winds and storms
Until some cataclysm takes it away
But it will hold on
Root and ground

As some hearts often do.

Vivien Marie Lopez Jorillo

Permanence Listens to Bedtime Stories

Passion is violent, ruthless. Intimacy is the daring kind of communication. Commitment is permanently stubborn. I say this not just without fear but also not without courage, for love is a way of living, and to me, life demands more courage than death does.

To my twin soul, I am more than happy that this is how we are, and that we we do not attack in times of conflict- rather, we argue in order to fight for each other.

Permanence listens to bedtime stories, some as long as a boring, uneventful working day often lasts while missing someone you’ll see after your shift, some as short as flash nonfiction such as “I love you, see you in the morning.”

2014. Vivien Marie Lopez-Jorillo


muse and seer

This is with whom I am when I write, and who I become to this companion. My inked tribute to my humble offerings of the written word, to the loneliness, joy and pain of writing.

Done by the receiver of the Eros-bound Envelopes, my husband and twin soul Dominique Jorillo of Hiraya x Ishka Ink.
His site is still under construction but you may check out some of his work here.

07/23/2014, Philippines
Vivien Marie Lopez Jorillo
Spit Or Swallow/Riot Creme

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