Word Processor Crash

That document recovery bullshit
Never brought back my lost ideas
And as I rewrite with fake vigor
Again here comes the suddenly frozen cursor!
Oh how I lament the death
Of the earlier well-crafted sentences!
Now resurrected into monotonous TL;DR threads
Fuck this desktop I have no faith left
There is no such thing as heaven for deceased phrases
And as the dreaded deadline nears
Today’s quota will never be cleared
So upon my knowing of this miserable truth
Here I am with this secret rant on Facebook.
Ohmygod I am so doomed

(c) 2014
Vivien Marie Lopez

Dead Trees Still Stand

It bathes
In the sea of the sun
Though the rays
Mean nothing to it anymore
Just days
Its body
Left with none
Of which that made Joyce Kilmer
Wrote verses about the beauty of trees
(Can it still be called pretty
without the flowers and the leaves?)
Wrinkled, gnarled, dry, devoid
Its age a secret
Like a woman turning 40
Until it’s cut halfway

Is it in the marriage
Of its roots to its soil
Which cradled its seed?
It does not need its presents
The soil continues to give
But it will embrace it
Through winds and storms
Until some cataclysm takes it away
But it will hold on
Root and ground

As some hearts often do.

Vivien Marie Lopez Jorillo