Schrodinger’s Cat

What do you hope to see
if the Schrodinger’s cat’s box has been opened finally?
Will you still assume it’s both alive and dead
if its decaying bones are the only things left?
Assuming it can has cheezburger nine lives
and the probability of an afterlife –
after all we do prefer to keep some pieces of faith
and unseens with which to perpetually debate.

© 2015
V. Lopez Jorillo

Cat skull belly piece
Artist: Dom Jorillo/Envy Tattoo
Skin: Vivien Lopez Jorillo

Credits: featured image source

Inked Spot Tattoo Competition Entry 12.27.2014

Inked Spot Tattoo Competition Entry 12.27.2014

Artist: Joeberto Jimenez
Model: the Author
Piece: Portrait of Dom Jorillo of Envy Tattoo (the Author’s twin soul)
Black and Grey

Word Processor Crash

That document recovery bullshit
Never brought back my lost ideas
And as I rewrite with fake vigor
Again here comes the suddenly frozen cursor!
Oh how I lament the death
Of the earlier well-crafted sentences!
Now resurrected into monotonous TL;DR threads
Fuck this desktop I have no faith left
There is no such thing as heaven for deceased phrases
And as the dreaded deadline nears
Today’s quota will never be cleared
So upon my knowing of this miserable truth
Here I am with this secret rant on Facebook.
Ohmygod I am so doomed

(c) 2014
Vivien Marie Lopez

Ink Barrage 08.23.2014

Ink Barrage

Artist: Dominique Jorillo of Envy Tattoo (receiver of the Eros-bound Envelopes)
Model: the Author
Piece: Innocence Lost Black
& Grey