The Next Chapter Spells Your Death Sentence

You are but a mildly annoying redundancy
Desperately clinging between the lines
Skimmed and forgotten as the plot thickens
Into where the characters grow old
And do not truly die.

(C) 2016
Vivien Marie Lopez


OOTD (Outfit of the Day)

She dressed up in fancy skirts and wigs
The only way to fulfill her far-fetched fantasies.

A harmless hobby until she made the mistake
Of fancying a married man she talked to, one summer day
Turned her version of cosplay into a different game
Where at every chance she wore the wife’s voice and face.

Day by day she tried to catch him online and pretended to be his
Even saved and uploaded photos of the couple’s wedding rings
Charmed him with stolen words and pet names
Anything to steal the wife’s place.

A harmless hobby for a desperate, naive girl
Who just didn’t know she had made an enemy.
Months later she was found
With maggots crawling inside her mouth.

No more costumes, no more makeup
Her face missing, her head hammered to a pulp.

Meanwhile in a distant land
The wife happily tells her husband
She has something new to wear this evening
Having developed a new passion for stitching
A mask made of real human skin.

A harmless hobby…

© 2016
Vivien Marie Lopez



Back when I was working in a call center
They told me
To empathize with irate customers
Having problems with their internet connectivity
And I said, “Sure, no problem,”
Because I live in the Philippines
Where other countries’ slowest internet connection
Is already our fastest, top-of-the-tier monthly subscription
And so today this already sad condition
Has chosen to magnify itself into biblical proportions
Turning Summoner’s Rift
Into a world of sliding champions
With never-landing skills and immortal minions
And by then your teammates are already plotting to report you
Thinking you’re afk as all your means of communication has also betrayed you
Such a lovely day
For a dose of brutal gamer rage

© 2015 Vivien Marie Lopez

7. Summer

You must be a long way from home
When the season you’re dying for
Becomes a stranger who’ll kill you
Beware the ruthless summer of urban Cebu.
When the city becomes a boiling plague
Every day is the dirtiest, blandest sizzling plate
A meal of hot dust and more concrete
No wonder the beaches are your only reprieve
That desperation for nature and a balance between suntan and breeze
Too bad you no longer have any vacation leave.

© 2015 Vivien Marie Lopez

6. A Taste of Exile

Would you sacrifice a comfortable life
For the sake of freedom
When even your thoughts
Are not welcome
A heart can only break so much
In a family designed
As a fascist regime
Disguised as a utopian dream
Not at all villains
Simply victims of such politics
Inherited from generations of practice
When can they learn to open their mind
To the woman I have become
When differences are labeled as rebellion
When will I be brave enough
To simply drop all arms
And take all their bullets
Maybe then
They’ll understand.

© 2015 Vivien Marie Lopez