No Salvacion

Something I wrote when I was 12 or 13 and losing my religion.


I’m no angel of the heavens high

Angels with wings of silvery white;

Feathers, of identity that glorify

Glory that lives in strength and might.

I don’t belong in the heavens above.

What is heaven, sinking into pillows of neon light

Possession of cherubs and seraphs

As stars, Polarises of the night.

I’m here, in a world of the damned.

A fractured shield demons trespass

Stupid, unlofty


Here upon evil dwell

Of mortals, not eternal.

When darkness starts to blacken the endless sea

And a crow starts to sing

A feather on the ground, I wish to see.

We’re only humans, no such wings.

(c) 2001

Vivien Marie Lopez

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