Three Little Pigs

Another threesome from the early 2000’s. Short crap.

Wilson (c) 2004 

Written for the author’s seatmate. 

There’s this boy whose wealth is a blue envelope

So that his confidence can cope

And the girl beside him wrote in untrue nostalgia

This stupid, idiotic, and eccentric stanza.

Haiku (c) 2001

I watched the swallowed moon that night

Burying my feet into the sand.

Incomplete Whatsit (c) 2001

I suspect. I doubt. My hands were cold from the blood I had taken from him: he, who had purposely laid down his life for my unnecessary webs of incompletion. I beg thee to give me this serenity: let me suffer. I had forsaken the love destined for me, and because of this, I must dwell in this hot and painful broil inside my chest. Where hast my love been?

I had been selfish, thinking that i will still have the being who will cast the infinite light of love upon my own darkness.

Vivien Marie Lopez
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