Two-Face: Vest of the Soul (Acrostic poems)

Author’s Note: A fourteen-year-old’s poetry for the self, in two versions. 

Vest of the Soul Pt. I 

Idly watching bended dreams

Vagabonds of life’s endless virtual realms

I have to discover wisdom yet

Eager eye and willing ear, pillows and sunrises and sunsets – and

Neither wealds nor walls shall stop myself.

Mellow emotions flood a dreamy state

A yacht, lingering West while the sea nymphs wait

Roaming beneath clouds that sculpted skies

Indefatigable, strong, Hercules’ spies:

Enchantment uncovered through opened eyes.

Lullabies of childhood memories cradled, close

On a silent feedback only time itself has told

Perpetual hope and a prayer to the holy ghost

End angst, let the fallen heroes rise from the past

Zephyr of moments that shall tell my story fast.

(March 4, 2002)


Vest of the Soul Pt. II 

Ink of ire to write

Veiled secrets of an unpredictable life

Ill-fated dreams sought only once

Eternal hope sustained by repeated chants

Naked and nesting in open palms.

Mirror of a sinful soul

Am I who I am in this unholy role

Rogue routes and uncharted territories, crossed

In friends and foes and betrayal and paradise lost

Evenings three of confused, discouraged no-no’s. 

Lord, I seek for a proof of your validity.

Odes and ballads and epics, all picturesque and all mythology.

Pleas to blue-white clouds reminiscent of a pre-molded sky

Endow me this gift that only in the heart will it live, sleep and die

Zealous serenity, art of chaos, art of love, essence of life. 

(March 11, 2002)


(c) 2002 Vivien Marie Lopez

Protected by Copyscape Online Copyright Protection


One thought on “Two-Face: Vest of the Soul (Acrostic poems)

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