Fang Shui

 And I saw him there. He was trying to get away from me after he saw that I didn’t want him to touch me. He was partially hidden in the blue shadows, camouflaged by his dark clothes… but he can never fully hide himself. And I would never forgive him for entering my territory. For discovering my secrets. For capturing me in the act by a camera. I hate people who are like that. People who are too curious about what happens around them. I heard it’s for a documentary, a film showing of how I live. Fuck you. I felt intruded. he has no respect for me. And I must kill him.

     A must. Not really. I wanted to, that’s basically it. For discovering what he knows now, he would be my next victim. He chose a time that he wouldn’t like it at all. The time when I was hungry for flesh and thirsty for blood. Ah. Just the thought of it makes me crave for more.

     I lurked behind him like a murderer. Like a murderer, you say? I am a murderer but it’s by nature, because nature has a way to make things amoral and justified. But I am unlike the others. I eat my victims. I love the taste of viscera and blood and human flesh and blood and bones and blood.

     I saw him turn sideways, panicking.

    This would make this all easy. 

    I was inches before him. Then, in a flash, I grabbed him by the neck. He opened his mouth in a silent scream. His face was distorted, terrified. I wondered how does that feel, for I am with a cold heart, for what I only feel are instinctual cravings and my hostile tendencies. 

    I shook him and shook him. His body convulsed, then went limp. Trick or treat.

   I bit off a huge chuck of skin. He struggled, convulsing again, and the sour tang of red juice floated in my mouth. Then I started to devour him inside out. His guts spilled out. I ripped his veins and crushed his precious organs so I could get the juicy parts. I feasted on his body, chewed carefully.

    Then just as quick as it all started, he was no more but a dismembered body. Headless, his insides scraped off. I left it alone for the small fries to eat, and swam away.

     Small fry. Big fry. Big fish. 

     Satisfied, I went back to my own colony, propelled my fins home, to belong with the other killers, the other sharks.

(c) 2002

Vivien Marie A. Lopez

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