Pretty Ugly (2008)


(Shhhh. i’ve got wrath in me. so listen, for i’m gonna make someone ugly.)
I want to burst her big, fake, silicon boobs.
I want to smash her botox-implanted face upon a sewage tube.
       i want to spike her gum with rat poison
       i want to combust her hair and ruin her extensions.
       i want to smother her with her Guccis and Louis V’s
       and stab her with her 5-inch Manolo Blahniks.
       I want to cut her cherry lips with her own tweezers,
       or even get her limousine driver to run her over.

beauty is such a luxury she can afford.
she was already blessed with outstanding looks by the good Lord.
started enhancing it with plastic surgery just so she could compete
against all those other girls her man’s having an affair with.  

i hate her for not being able to keep her man to herself.
tell me, mister.
is she, your wife, not good enough, not beautiful enough?
tell me, mister.
am i, your wife, not beautiful enough?

(c) 2008
Vivien Marie Lopez
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