The Trigger Finger (2008)

[What you don’t know can’t hurt you.]

grab that gun and place it in my mouth.
that’s what i deserve, right?
when i tasted him that minute
i did like it for a moment.
when i thought you wouldn’t catch me
i so love the way it thrilled me.
i’ve been so wrong honey but it felt so good.
his kisses plus the fact i had you fooled.
yeah i know i cannot live
with all the guilt you made me feel
when i see you look at me like that..
wait, now i see you looking at me like that
i know baby, now it hurts too much.

you’ve got to understand.
i’m as weak as you claim you are.
so can’t we start this over/
swear i won’t trade your love again
for three rounds’ worth of fun
because it’s only with you that i can’t get enough.

should i grab it and put it in your mouth?
that’s what you thought i deserve.
when you tasted HER that minute
i know you liked it for a moment.

when you thought i couldn’t catch you
you did love the way it thrilled you.
you are so damn wrong but you know you felt good
until you realized i can never be fooled.

yeah i know you cannot live
with all the guilt i made you feel
when you see me do what you did like that
wait, now you see me doing things like that
now you see why this hurts so much.

don’t worry i understand.
you’re as weak as i claim i am.
so we’ll do start this over.
swear that you won’t trade me again
for a day’s worth of trippin’ you can’t even brag.

(c) 2008
Vivien Marie Lopez
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