The Bother (5KFTW)

Written 1/16/2012

Vivien Marie Lopez

I get your eyes,

There’s no need for words.

I watched every syllable of what you’re about to say.

It’s the day, I knew you would win.

There’s a catch in every phrase, a little prayer.

A little tease, as you wait for my reaction per summation of your wits.

It’s like waiting for waiting for you

It’s like I’m hanging by my neck before I’ll kick my life out.

Ready, set, don’t hold your breath, go.


Scream, rant, whine, throw, shriek, sulk, my drama queen

You’re that legend made of sugar, spice, salt, blood, with tears in between

I will crawl on my knees.

Crawl on your knees, bitch.

I know that smile,

With the raise of brows,

With your smeared eyeliner available at your trusted drugstore

(armed & in the comfort of whore colors).

Dry your ducts, you have oceans inside.

There’s a spark in every plug crammed in your ears,

You won’t hear as long as you have combinations of accusations of my scenes.


Bring it on w/ less of the curses you don’t mean, bring it on w/o the cheap shots.

Me versus your aces, me versus how you’d prove you’re Lady Luck.

(c) 2012.

Protected by Copyscape Online Copyright Protection


Go. Moan. Scream. Tell me if you like it. Make some noise.

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