Annus Nouveau, Annus Horribilis (Pardon the Language Barrier)

Written 1/21/2011

Vivien Marie Lopez


Where’s what you said

About making the worst of bedlams

Don’t mind the pins and needles

Making a point in your diaphragm

With the sting of the violence of light

You find the single source of acid lodged inside

With your hands on my hips

With the curve of your lips

You fly blind through the night

You fly blind through the night

Trust your instincts now, take your chances

Spin the proverbial bottle, don’t leave the circle

Maybe you’ll miss your turn

So go for the wicked drinks

Maybe you’ll miss the night

& forget the silent intrigues

I’ve got more for dares

Than you’d ever have for truths

Maybe it’s your call

Truth or dare or just break the bottle

Where’s that habit of yours

Asking for more questions to ask

Thought you’d break to the surface

& just let go with the smiling mask

With your obvious pegs from stoner movies

You always find answers closer to fiction

Than from the bluntest of what there is

& in the absence dreams & flight

You sleep blind through the night

You sleep blind through the night

& when it doesn’t hurt because it’s been done before

& when it doesn’t count because it’s not your score

It means nothing because I’ve got nothing to prove

It means everything because you’ve got a lot to move

(Maybe it’s my fault and yours, nothing changes when all things do after this.

I can choose what to keep; you can choose any facet of stolen personalities.)

You’ll touch your lips and remember how it went that way,

I’ll part my lips and whisper the folly of pretentious, wasted days.

(Watch your steps, they’ll reach decibels too loud you wouldn’t hear.

Watch your friends, they’ll fall asleep to the awareness of your feats.)

Tonight you’ll think you’re young and you know it all,

Tonight I’ll think we’re old and you don’t get it at all.

(c) 2012

Protected by Copyscape Online Copyright Protection


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