Written 1/24/2012

Vivien Marie Lopez

Twenty one, twenty two:

Start the fire, forget the cruise.

We stay, twenty three

This island – isolated, undisturbed, virgin.

Naïve but pure, twenty four.

Evolutionary, naturalists’ detour.

Keep quiet, keep the safety dome

Twenty five, anything cruel won’t make the tomes.

Hide and seek, delete, survive

Twenty six, swallow and don’t get sick

Darkness has a way to keep you in line

The ignorance of what is outside, what is wild

Twenty seven, be trusting, be kind

Any secret is well kept, you won’t need eyes.

Don’t see, don’t hear, don’t speak,

Twenty eight, the future doesn’t have a lucky streak

Believe otherwise, twenty nine

You’re okay, I’m great, you’re best, I’m fine

Nothing to it really, thirty.

Bless the two people left, last ones in debt

Thirty one, it’s now either life or death.

(c) 2012

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(c) 2011

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