Written April 14, 2012, en route MNL-BCD Cebu Pacific Flight

Vivien Marie Lopez


Let’s catch time with these two tickets Eros-bound

Let’s drive the bane of Icarus, take a break off the ground

(These squares of soil holding their posts above a planet in heat)

And while Morpheus put these passengers to sleep,

Fueled and full, listen well to the song of the engine –

(This is how you keep me alive, mad, still)

Loud, steady, droning, humming, a splitting sound wave in my anatomy.


Like pressing your palm against the window,

Like touching the sky touching seas below.

To let the sunlight draw you, take you to its skin

To let the pillars of clouds wrap their figures around this plane.


As watching the heavens dilate like pupils on adrenaline –

Dancing like ions in the atmosphere,

Dancing with the gods of height at war with the gods of gravity

Like the rise of the diaphragm against the pull of the Earth –

(This is what you’re like when you’re inside me)

Graceful as the rhythm and rush of ascent,

Smooth as the impact and release of descent.


As the crew would page precautions

In defense of routes and the variables of flight

Not all who leave leaves for a dream

Not all who come comes back with a complete story.


And none is like you are,

A dream, a story, whole truth and a piece of dare,

A study in aviation, the author of the birds

Like faces of the sky

Like facets of places

Like the tendencies of your character

A myriad of mirages

One, best, perfect –

A breath

With you




Like planes in flight.

(c) 2012

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