Filipino, My Ass.

Earlier this afternoon, I was stopped by an older man for not stopping for the national anthem.

I nodded and muttered an “I don’t have any respect left for the country/ I have lost my faith in this country (I forgot my exact statement but you get the gist)” while he threw eye daggers at me, stood still and waited for the lyrics “buhay ay langit sa piling mo, aming ligaya na pag may nang-aapi, ang mamatay ng dahil sayo,” shook my head in disdain and despair, gave him a smile, and walked away with my British-flag-bearing high heels making clicking noises along with my stride.

“Buhay ay langit sa piling mo, ang mamatay ng dahil sayo.” I apologize, but most of us are just Filipinos by label. We only tread the roads of this country, but aside from being geographically attached to this archipelago, we are oh so fond of false nationalism.

May nang-aapi, my ass. We are only victims because we chose to be such, because most of us like blaming the government and our history for what we all are responsible for.

Inang Bayan, were you really raped or you just didn’t like the sex?

May 16, 2012


4 thoughts on “Filipino, My Ass.

  1. i still respect my country, but i lost my respect to those who run the country! those f&@!$ing retards just like to run the country like a tv show…


    1. isn’t it all one big reality show? politics is showbiz. it seems that they have forgotten that leadership is service . I respect the Filipino people, but it is so excruciating that we get to be incapacitated by our own long-distorted beliefs, lack of correct information and education, and by god, the gullibility and the influence of biased media. I agree that those who run this country are fucking retards (not all, though, but if you have to get into politics everyone’s getting their hands dirty), but we should also give our own part and not just complain. I see a lot of people ranting but there’s no one providing a concrete and feasible solution to our country’s problems and ideas for improvement.


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