Idiot Savants

For the reckless retards that we are.

You grasp and grab,
nothing and lost.
A sacrifice
supreme and selfish shallow
You give and try
trauma of betraying blows
Reach to rise above
angst and ire, kevlar and zippos
In war, to wrestle
Chess games royal rumble
You bleed, vomit
You die to live.
You know guilt not regret
Forgive not forget
Drive into insanity not lobotomy
Mutilation in lieu of paralysis
Cataracts of the heart
Lisp of the lungs
Cleft palate of limbs
Acid reflux of the bone
Cancer of the muscle
Rehabilitate not cure
Castrate not circumcise
Ejaculate pus not life
Stale blood fresh wounds
Darker phlegm soft coughs
Disease ridden wellness
Plagued prosperity
Sinister success

Happy hypocrites.
(c) 5.17.2012

Vivien Marie Lopez

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Discord Damsel, (c) 2011

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