Welcome, the Calm and the Restless.

Boys and girls, consider this a precaution.

This blog will not tell you which party to go next, what to wear, how to look, who to act like, why life is a bitch and who else is, what did Rihanna and Katy Perry did this week, what’s in the top 40, or what’s to give a fuck about, so if you’re searching the web for anything fancy, type another web address and go on with life.

This is a mere collection of the scattered thoughts and affect and whines and whims and words of a young adult who has been writing crap in verse or otherwise and has been sketching pus in ink all throughout life.

If you’re lost, just follow this guide:

Poetry Pornography

All my poetic offerings since the year 2012.

The Slut and the Shakes

A set of short stories and poems. Work in progress.

The Eros-Bound Envelopes

A series of love poems crafted for my twin soul.

The Pubescent Phantasm

Written work when I was in my puberty stage.

The Ten Plagues

How will you interpret the 10 plagues courtesy of the most best-selling book in the world? Here’s mine, in poem form.

NaPoWriMo 2013

My entries for NaPoWriMo 2013. One poem a day in one month.

Prose Petals

Random thoughts born from this thing we call life.

Licking Lyrics

Because I can write songs even though my voice sucks.

The Agent Provocateur

A five-part poem divided by the senses (although I believe there are more than five of them).

The Crackwhore’s Pillbox

When medicine becomes a metaphor.

The Lung Opener

A Weebly blog I have taken for granted.


Particularly events involving the local scene (especially when I’m involved).


Facebook posts/tantrums.

Devoid Drawings

When it does not work well with words.

Placebic Photos

Pictures from my adventures in the fashion/modeling industry.

Booty Calls

Messages from yours truly.

Riot Creme

A link to my transitional blog when all my ideas are so in utero.


Custom t-shirts my soulmate and I design and sell.

Envy Tattoo

My twin soul’s art, etched forever on people’s skin.

Yours truly,

Vivien Marie Lopez


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