Because I was thinking about the upcoming CISD (Critical Incident Stress Debriefing) Training.

Here it goes.



the carnage
the bodies
death and survival
a question of fate
the crowd awaits
a stealing spectacle
grief and hope but false
relief then paranoia
save both the warm and cold
save them so they can go home
safe in the embrace of family or god
the cries of life the grin of rot
to look for a trace or evidence
and then, no more
only bits of fractured bones
only parts of whole persons
only earth and fire and water and ice
blankets and sheets to those they told goodnight
be awake be alive
with closed eyes see another ray of sunlight
the loss the pain
reunions and second chances to stay
pray to god he hears
a rescuers plea to decisive seers
to save both life and death
to save silence and breaths
to cure the aftermath
to acknowledge our being mortals
to swallow the truth and madness
to rescue the rescuer
blame and trust and faith
their hands, their lives
swear to god and hope to die

but never promise.
Vivien Marie Lopez
© 2012
SMS writing in a Ceres bus, en route BCD-VICTORIAS

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