Ambient Mori

Shit, no earphones.
Eavesdrop unwanted conversations.
Imagine music, think of soundtracks
Not hearing the annoying laugh
Omniscient kids imitating swag
Vulnerable adults stealing a drag
& what am I, what do I know
Stories cut off one point of view
One-sided tapes, dramatic like reel
Scene stealers, coffeeshop thrills?
Define javaskaggs and chill.
Define ears not built to hear.
Listen then forget
Jargons of the dialect
There’s the hum of the brew
There’s the muffled mouthgasms of the whispering two
Secrets? Backstabs? Etiquette?
Silenced worlds? Girls? Boys? Showbiz? Fuck-its?
No answers, stop the inquiry
Mind your business you ain’t intrigue-hungry
What am I & what do I know
Keep it to yourself, your temporary opinion.
No, it never ends.
Write this shit, share with friends.

© 2012
Vivien Marie Lopez
SMS verses
Coffee Station

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