The Rise of the Romes

© 2012

Always, subtly high octane:
Pain and pain.
Is it the drive of the id
To make skid marks on skin
Of a  fractured civilization
Of heights of ambition
Or the heart of the superego
To make angels and humans out of demons?
How do you offer heaven
To harlots and heathens
To pilots of chariots
To slaves and kings and zealots?
How light is your sword, soldier?
How do you build villages and teach villagers?
What do you tell your scribes?
How often do you use your gods as bribe?
When war is how you catch and tame the beasts
When blood and bodies are the campaign for peace
When a selective audience is democracy
When men of law drop reasons in Sophia’s name
Then do we become civilized, cultured, brilliant primates?
Aren’t we all but pawns and knights & queens and towers
And dice and cards and chips and roosters
In need for wisdom and strokes of luck
In need of philos and a good fuck
Of gambles with chaos and apocalypses
To reach for a new world and fresher perspectives.
For every repeat of history is a claim to have fought with the divine
And another promise to never again rendezvous with evolutionary decline.
But perhaps we are as finite as the atmosphere
And as hungry as the void of the universe.
How sharp is your sword, soldier?
How do you pillage villages and rape villagers?
To control and conquer
Order and power.

Always subtly high octane,
Pain and pain.

Vivien Marie Lopez

© 2012

Coffee Station
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