The Chirp and Call of the Harpies

The stomach acid starts to growl
like a death metal band vocalist
then a whimper follows
thirst, hunger and a curse
to fill and fill, never felt
stones in the gut and a mouth melts
an eternity of desire and cry for meat
beg and plead and never admit defeat
fly high like eagles hover low like vultures
alive and raw and carcasses and gourmet
all only a rust in the tongue and a dry palate
crusty beak and hollow eyes
even Famine has better luck and find
imagine an oasis, a slap of a mirage
dream and dream but never wake up
peck and steal and peck and scavenge
old birds in myth and prophecy
carnivores of perpetual poverty
corruption of need
perversion of instinct
pathological greed
open your palm, brother
help the harpies
feed on our seeds




(c) 2012

Vivien Marie Lopez

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