The Ziggurat

Fifteen minutes.

Stitch her lips
Bind her limbs
Wide doe eyes
Cunt-core cries

Grin, grind, then gore
Dirty mind and teeth and more
Shiny happy straightrazor
Run it hard down south, sexy
Hum a song, lil last mercy

Rip her fair firm hide
Kiss her from the inside
Moist and mysterious
Masticate maroon mangoes
Sip saucy sienna strawberries
Chew cascading chest cavities
Jets of jest of jelly juice
Red ocean summer cruise

Flaming torch spread her rectum
Insert the seething sun in her anus
Sail further south her hips
Cut her clit and pussy lips
Go inside crucify a cervix
Go deeper, between and twist
Scent of piss and death and jizz

Slide your tongue on her wounds
You know you’re in love mister your heart’s hooked
Spit saliva swallow her vagina
Embrace entrails and inhale her viscera

Time standing still stroking seconds
Stoked in the rush and pick an axe
Love her and love her
Hack and divide and crush and dismember
Loiter and lust and linger and devour
Masturbate and taste and conquer and eviscerate
Tease and tell her it’s alright and tear and tuck and take
Fillet and splay and neuter and flay
Impale and pull and grab and bash and decapitate

Drop her name and a look at this piece of art, and thank the Fates
Tremble and tick one second:



(c) 2012
Vivien Marie Lopez

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