Barely Legal, legally bare
Eighteen years y’all beware
Disney princess no more
She becomes queen in this Game of Thrones
To explore on her own and fuck bon voyage
This is her call to make or break or repair her visage
Damsel in distress or Lady Luck
Prim and proper, good girl, bad girl, wild slut
Adult Swim freedom fighters
Wreck the rules and rule the world
How she indulges in incests with the indie
How she basks in the bane of banal beans
Oh she knows everything can do anything
She’ll decide mistakes and right and wrong, she’ll sing
She’ll dance with boys and the devil and friends and foes
She’ll date men and girls and faith and love and the globe
The emancipated always thinks she is ready and sure
Hey chick, reality has more pain than pleasure
Maybe you’re clever, or stronger than you look
Maybe you’ll run away or run back home or run with gods and crooks
And this rite of passage is only assigned to age
But not on how accurate you count shooting stars on wishful days
Or how often do you see the sun on moonless nights
Or in whose closets you hide your skeletons from crushing tides –
Hey young lady, the party’s almost over
And when you wave farewell to guests with sure hangovers:
Debutante, sweet dreams and sleep tight
Pray your delusions won’t shit on your sunshine.

Vivien Marie Lopez
© 2012

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