We are a tired nation, third world stereotypical
Like carabaos working into exhaustion, go plow farms
Corrupt politics whining populace
Middle ground meet me halfway
For the sake of an abused democracy
And for the disillusioned heroes of history
Martial law traumatized
Misinterpreted intention stigmatized
We are the misinformed
Crab mentality ningas kugon
The gullible and the family oriented
Victims of indebted-gratitude-fueled homestead
Victimizing a struggling government
Misled to lead and serve
Then campaign for takeovers
When do you little brown Americans learn
When do you stop being Indios forever
For the sake of lives lost for independence
And all you do is repeat a history never forgiven
For a lie of a belief of tradition and culture
False nationalists uncertainly sure
Use the blessed child for good measure
Lather, rinse, repeat for a placebic cure
For we see not the root of who we all are
Third world stereotypical.

© 2012
Vivien Marie Lopez

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