Dear Reader.

Ladies and gentlemen, the author wishes to thank everyone who dropped by, followed, liked, and read SPIT OR SWALLOW.

To write everyday is not easy. As a writer, I always wish to be able to convey to the world what my head and soul have already expressed in my dreams, in impulsive contemplation, and in quiet soliloquies.

There are days when I think that I’m uninspired and then acknowledge that it is an inspiration in itself, and I get to write something complete out of it. And then, there are times when there are so many ideas in my mind at once and I cannot share them one by one, cannot create a worthy tale or verse.

These days, I cannot write inside my room anymore – the monsters under my bed are silent, and the cradle of my comfort zone is not sufficient anymore. These days, I write with a cup of coffee, random sheets of paper, my cellphone, and a bustling crowd around me as I observe, and again daydream and contemplate.

In that process, I wish to incorporate what I have seen and learned, how I see the world, how the world sees me, and how we all look at each other like mirrors, to what I bleed and cry and shit and come in ink.

Yes, writing is a lonely hobby. And whatever comes out of that, I am glad and grateful for the appreciation, support, critique and feedback.


Seed (c) 2012 by Vivien Marie Lopez. To be posted as a new header but apparently the dimensions aren’t right. 😐

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