He Killed Me Well

It’s all that simple.

Your arms: wrapped around me tight
Your lips: pressed hard into mine.
Said you love me in breathless whispers.
Okay, here’s one night I want to last forever.

Your hand: holding my face closer to yours.
Your tongue: playing slowly with mine
God, it’s so easy to fall for your lies.
Do these bite marks you left mean anything to you?
I wish they do. I know they don’t.
Shhhh, I know what you’re after.

Your body: close to me that I could feel your body heat.
Your finger: stroking my hair mischievously.
I just so love the way you kiss. (sexy).
It makes me get lost in my senses.
And I really hate you for this.

Sweet. Sensual. Painful.
Love is pain, and pain is love. Cliché but true.
Your love is a game of evil lust.  It makes you look so cunning.
My love is sacrifice, a mad passion. It makes me look foolish.

You get to brag when you get to score.
(And I get to be called a whore.)
They all know I know what you’re after.

For this, you killed me well.

It is all that simple.



(c) 2006, October
Vivien Marie Lopez

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