The Agent Provocateur: TASTE


So you lick your lips in an absent-minded fashion
Quiet mouth to mouth secrets and revelations
For your tongue knows more than what you recall
Where it’s been and how the pieces summed up the whole
Salty, bitter, with a smear of lipstick sweet like chocolate truffles
You know this is where Adam bites into Eve’s apple
A thesis in the Original Sin versus shame and knowledge and prayers for redemption
What is there to save when there really is nothing but pure bliss and oblivion
That malice is individual and personal and nonexistent
In the throes of pristine mad desire and instinctual adult content
Temptation is but a man-made idea, a bait for games
What do they know about how that touch of luck was tailor-made?
This isn’t crap about love, only whispers for static ecstasy
Between respect and stories and desires and mysteries and nonnumerical counts
Unadulterated and clean and selfish and Bacchanal and alive and loud —

(c) 2012
Vivien Marie Lopez
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