The Disney Delicatessen

Please, weave me a sure fairy tale.
That one where the heroine waits with allegiance
For her hero to come back with her heart intact
Accomplished and faithful to the blood of the  pact
Where those three words: happily ever after
Are certain to appear at the end of the last chapter

But True Love, how long will it take you, how many pages
To cross the seas and mountains and deserts and savages
For this is now and this grand ache isn’t going to mend itself
Lest you use magic and be with your tower-held princess

For there are times when I can’t summon your face
When I can’t recall the precise feel when we both move with grace
But I hold on, for the promise
When fate and distance are both untrustworthy

And I look for a chance in lonely slumber
Struggle for vivid dream scenes and specters
Go as far as astral travel and soul voyages would allow
Reach you and touch you and wish sleep has more hours

That I may have you in mind, in heart, inside me
That I may touch you and watch you, real and not reel
That you’d tell me sweet nothings and pledge everything
Swear you’d hold me for the rest of my years

But time and miles betray like Judas at worst
And doubtful like Thomas at best
And this isn’t a children’s book written for innocence and sparks
We have long been tried and hung for two lives shared apart

Please, write me a reality show.
That one where all the drama kicks ass and the script is as blunt as gold,
Where truth hurts and you get swallowed and scissored for a man who means the world
But I hold on, not for the promise nor the waiting words
I hold on for this is now, and I want you, and I want you more
Always my courageous knight in shining armor.

(c) 2012
Vivien Marie Lopez

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