The Atomic Installation

Darkness ultima primo die
Blind vacuum chaotic
Then light, blind gas automatic

Explosions and deaths of spheres
Then resurrect boom bacterium bastion burst
Semen of pollen petals erupt
Fireball buffet pitch currents pop

Gaea births embryos they grab crawl grip
Begin biology and physics trips
Evolve create invent intent
Primeval twists start cultured specimen

Adam and Eve seeding torrents
God irregardless they owe the serpent
His ejaculation key to doors unlocked for history
Her breasts milk teeth to bite into discord and trysts
Origin of sin and origin of life and its termination
A collection of archetypes and a change in spawns
Eras and periods and years and ages of exploration
Time and time again in conquer-friendly exploitation
To build and unify and invade and prosper and connect
Wild colonies of the intelligent insects:

Preoccupied dreamers and poets and painters and gymnasts
Of the meek mundane in exclusively homo sapien brightness and contrast
You worry about shit and stone sordid stigma
To wait for the mind and push the soul into emotional asthma
An affect built to affect beyond the limits of our finite supply depot
A play written to play with deadly dusty dominoes
To take time and art and lust for the Fates orgy
Lie, cheat, steal, grapple, survive, stroke, rub in patterns of futility
To leave nightmares and shower and shit and eat and love and hate and piss
And converse Babel-bound and dispute eternal idiosyncrasies
And make friends and foes and ruin and reproduce families
And breathe and swim and scream and gasp in the foreplay of your finite years
And you shoot jizz into the face of existence in both breakdowns and bliss

To leave hickeys and bite marks in the skin of the anthropo-archives
And in the moment the Sirens start to sing their lethal lullaby:

Darkness ultima primo die
Blind human instinct chaotic
Then light, the god automatic.

(c) 2012
Vivien Marie Lopez

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