Dolce Vita

Should my curious skull be no more but a corn husk
My vessels of life be no more but dried-out roots
Take my bones and feed them to Mother Earth
For my dust to impregnate the uterus of the universe –

For it’s over now, it opens, the candy store
In exchange, and in tango, sugar and salt
Rush and run to fix a diabetic soul
Teeth and jaw, chew flair and flavor

Like siren songs lethal and beautiful and bold
This poverty of the tongue and heart, no more
Live la vida loca with a study in the force of black holes
A sure thesis in sunshine and windows.

So keep still and serene, chaotic bitch
Swear by the god and the beast in severe soliloquies
No more salvation skills for thrills
No more stigma in the iron fist of futility

And I will touch the Earth with both clean and guilty hands
Will tread both unforgiving and merciful lands
Will give my eyes to the vulnerable known and the great unseen
Count myself lucky despite the lack of terminal belief –

To take love as it is in its naked anatomy, a divine incest
To stay with (you) through apocalypses and infant universes.

(c) 2012
Vivien Marie Lopez

Protected by Copyscape Online Copyright Protection


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