Seer: Primo Die

Writer’s block is a theme in itself.


Pen in hand, eyes on the crowd
Tabula rasa in head and ink and mouth
No vocabulary vomit, no rhyme
No idyllic ideas, plenty of time
Void and in utero
Like the universe Big Bang Theory beginning status quo
But science and creation myths are right
Darkness, before light
God’s boredom before angels and Lucifer
Is my own suffering stutter
Sit back and watch space, what else is there to create
As misery needs company and words need fate
To weave chronicles and a purpose exclusive
To give life and wage a war between who you conceive
Faerie tales, tragedies, myriad stories
Do you predetermine their character and biography
Do you give them free reign and time but with a contract for lease
Do you already know their plot when their world begins
Do you change your mind in the middle of the narrative
Heroes, antagonists, main characters and friends
Are they created in your image and likeness
Is it fair play when you decide who stays in the end

And you, Writer, supreme architect
Does this prove your power and omniscience

Does this mean you’re perfect —

(c) 2012
Vivien Marie Lopez

Protected by Copyscape Online Copyright Protection



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