A contrario|
ab initio et in medias res et abhinc ad aeterno|
nihil obstat|
non constat|
ecce homo cum nomen dubium|
condemnant quod non intellegunt|
ergo, sapere aude|
et audemus|
carpe diem, et carpe noctem|
ab phobia ad philia|
nemo saltat sobrius.|

Communibus locis et communis opinio|
Amor omnibus idem.|
Audaces fortuna iuvat.|
Non omnis moriar.|



On the contrary|
from the start and in the middle and from here on to eternity|
nothing prevents|
not certain|
behold the man with a dubious name|
people condemn what they don’t understand|
hence, dare to be wise|
and let us dare|
seize the day and seize the night|
from fear to love|
no one dances sober.|

In common places and view of the common man|
Love is the same for all.|
Fortune favors the bold.|
I shall not completely die.|

I have spoken.|

© 2012 Vivien Marie Lopez

Protected by Copyscape Online Copyright Protection



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