Do you have a second
Be it a clock’s hand, a person, a heart
Something borrowed
Do I borrow him or does she
Why he stays with her
Is an open trick question for philosophers
A hundred years of waiting, maybe epochs
For the taste of the afterpain and post anticipation
For a grand orgasm overdue

Not forsaken, only anonymous
Unlabeled, or mislabled
Special, my ass
What are you afraid of, lover?
When I’d risk irregardless if you leave her
Or is this born from the love for thrills
Habit-forming hopeless romantic
Is this a sin then, or is it just what this is

You in her
Her in you
I in you
And you
For me
Yet never in me.


perhaps someday


(c) 2012

Vivien Marie Lopez

Protected by Copyscape Online Copyright Protection

for that girl who posted on Facebook that someone else’s boyfriend told her that he’s in love with her and is still waiting


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