The Unborn

Thanatos, you’re welcome.
Take me while there’s still a grain of faith
Left in the tremors in my anatomy
Just in case a soul isn’t enough
A prerequisite in the afterlife
Open my bedroom door
And lead me to Hades’ bed and bath
For my lampshade isn’t as equally bright and dim
As the prior sleepless nights
Cradled in a hangover from overindulgence of life
Get me while I know what love is
Hold my hand while I still believe
That happiness is peace amidst chaos
That there is a balance of heroes and monsters
That we’re not alone in the universe
That perhaps salvation is planet-exclusive
That perhaps, perhaps.

But we know nothing of that sort
Not until the Reaper notices
And tour me between and beyond
Heaven and hell
Where I wake up

© 2012
Vivien Marie Lopez
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