The Bitch Who Loves Genies

She’s got hyper vigilant inner peace, her

Treading every inch of her hours and dura mater

Coaxing her diamond-studded leather and lace thresholds

Her curses as prayers as wishes as instincts,

Man she’s the girl who loves genies.

Groping for genie lamps in deserts and the remote and the crowded

Hoping to find the wish satisfactor, healer of worlds

And bringer of dire consequences

Trusting the judgment of the hopeful and desperate

To make possible

Whether selfish or humane or greedy or for the good of the rational race

A maker of history in the wants of a single person

Yet never allowed to question

Slave to lamps shiny and tempting

But these genies, they’re still waiting for freedom

For dreamers

For three wishes

Three prayers

Or three mistakes

© 2012
Vivien Marie Lopez

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