Search for Truth

Truth Serum and the Formula of Probability by Tiny Tiberio

Artist: Tiny Tiberio of Miming Ink


One thought on “Search for Truth

  1. sodium 5-ethyl-5-isopentyl barbiturate

    did you conquer
    my own fears for me
    or are you fear itself
    so many mistook for
    (answers, heaven)
    but it is
    Athena’s Aegis
    and deadly
    so you choose
    a mirror
    to see a mere reflection
    of what it can do
    to others
    but not you, not you
    of stone hearts

    i fill mine
    with courage
    so i may hold
    her head amidst
    the hiss of her hair
    to cradle her face
    and kiss her on repeat
    so she closes her eyes
    and my flesh remains soft

    but if she decides
    to open those lids
    and catch me
    turning before her
    so be it
    my hand will never let go
    skin or stone
    forever in my embrace
    blessed to have looked at Medusa
    eye to eye

    (c) 2012
    Vivien Marie Lopez


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