Two sets of big bright eyes
Meeting halfway through a lighter’s little flame
As we both inhale to set the edge of these sticks on fire
I wonder if he sees
My love and faith and fear
That as I tread my finger along his shoulder awhile ago
And as I trace and memorize the landscape of his skin
I met god and gasped a prayer
And a creed that this is to last beyond mainstream forever
And I wonder if he heard
I wonder if he knows
That he holds my strong yet fragile soul
That this cradle of heaven
Is where life begins
And he’s responsible
As I am as I give my all
And I wonder if he gets it
That I am afraid
That I don’t care
Should I become his martyr
Should this one and only reason for a forgotten religion–

No. I digress.
This is what matters:
That he and I are here
That everything is
That he and I are us
And we’re doing this
For the rest of what’s left in our lifespan
Until the lesser gods decide
To change the form of our existence
And I wonder if he feels
That very same divine condition
As we watched the lighter’s burning bush disappear
As we laid our heads back and flipped our cigarettes
As we looked at each other naked just like we did awhile ago
Coming across Eros.

Vivien Marie Lopez
© 2012

The Eros Bound Envelopes Cover

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For my husband ❤


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