The Astro-Archaeologist Point II

Would you touch another lost race
Well-kept (supposedly) in the folds of the heavens
And marvel at their breaths
And mourn the loss of such

Would you hold alien artifacts
And wonder about the fate of mankind
Understand their ways without bias
And ask who their gods were

Would you know if they sinned like us
Controlled by the vengeance of the deities
Were they preoccupied with little futile chores
Destroying themselves day by day like we do
(the price of intellect)

Would you discover if they searched for us
Or if they have landed here when the Earth was young
Would you have said they were our creators
Or were they only one of us, fodder for higher beings

Would you have guessed what they tried
Did they know demise was coming
Or did they walk their landscapes blissful until the end
And it’s up to you to stumble upon what they left, if any

Would we learn their lessons and listen to their tales
Or would their history be a Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V version of ours
Would we see our world differently
Would love and chaos and wine and art be universal

Would you ask if you indeed belong here
Wrapped in the fist of society
Would you question your purpose, retain your faith
Would you blame, would you change

And if by luck you find one survivor of this alien race
Would you face it, talk to it, take it home
Or leave it untouched by the nuisances of man
And respect it in its privacy, away from our curiosity and fear and hate

Be content with the arcane knowledge
That we are not alone

(c) 2012
Vivien Marie Lopez

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