I don’t want the moon
Neither straight flushes, nor cure
I don’t want fairy tales
Neither winners, nor paradise
I don’t want pinches of salt
Neither everything, nor nothing.

I want what I want
The man with the snake eyes
Who told me once they can pull me in
And drawn I was not by his gaze alone
But the flutter of my own since I first saw him until
Today and the next sunrise in a circle

I have what I have
That tranquil urge and its upheaval
That sweet tremor and that unrivaled rage
He owns such violence in my gut and marrow
That reason cannot touch
And death has no hand

For this bond chases our dance
For this ring follows skin and stars
For my love would never succumb
For this king I crown with my womb
For I carry him in my breast and in my pulse
For I am and I become who we are

(c) 2012
Vivien Marie Lopez

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