Truth is
we are dying as we live
until the anatomy
and the psyche would
finally agree that they
should just call it a day and
come home.

(c) 2012
Vivien Marie Lopez

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12 thoughts on “Sentence

    1. and exactly for that reason that we always try to live our lives to its full potential. we wouldn’t have treasured life if it were eternal. 🙂

      have a great day and a wonderful week ahead as well! 🙂


      1. do we? do most people? parang hindi yata… it has to come to a point muna na ma-realize ng individual na temporary nga ang existence and that the anatomy and the psyche should come together to make the best out of impermanence… parang sa mas marami, mas matagal na di gaanong conscious ang pagkabuhay, parang… 😉


  1. Minsan, hindi rin natin sila masisisi. Humans try what they can. But it depends really sometimes; so many factors contribute to our own cages (often like our own beliefs and selfish perspectives). Ika nga human life is futile, mundane, absurd. Most are more preoccupied with things that would not even matter in the end. Perhaps…


  2. nosebleed ……………….parang magandang malaman ang kahulugan kaya lang parang kakailanganin ko ng metacognition nito…..


    1. Sigmund Freud’s school of thought, sir. 🙂 “We live in order to die” or “The purpose of all life is death.” According to him, we have three instincts: life, death, and sex. As biological beings, we live, reproduce, die, and that cycle continues on (as if the aim of each specie is only to reproduce for its survival) 😀


      1. everyone does 🙂 in the end, it’s what matters. tayong lahat naman kasi, madalas we’re too preoccupied with mundane and absurd stuff that wouldn’t even mean shit to us when we die 😀


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