And the weather report is always wrong
Predictable, we’d thought, while it gets the last laugh
As we struggle to open umbrellas in lieu of parasols
I dread the wickedness of the dirty concrete lakes
While you follow suit to the drop of the air

A village of the cream of the crop of the darkest of clouds
While my nickname disappears behind them
We stand drenched, stranded
You spelled your curses
Adding comrades to the sad state of the heavens

You know, we can wait for the sunshine, or the rainbow first
Perhaps they shall come just within the peak of our patience
But here is my skin and my warmth
Amidst goosebumps and chills and the slap of the wind

Where the ire of the street waves invade my toes
And my pale and peeling mouth invade yours
And even then, should my lips tremble and shake
My kisses won’t ever leave, my dearest
They wait for you to steady them

As always.

(c) 2012
Vivien Marie Lopez

Another Erosbound Envelope for my husband, Dominique.

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