The Tycoon

The beautiful and the mad
They have long sharp nails
That scratch the lining of your grey matter
Screaming to be freed
Yet you are a cold pragmatist
And you hold them prisoners inside
For money is in the mundane transactions
And not aesthetics (unless commercial)
So wait
Those nails are patient enough
To tear a hole open

A reminder
That you cannot run away
From your piece of dream.

(c) 2012
Vivien Marie Lopez
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10 thoughts on “The Tycoon

      1. happy 2013 and more power to you, 25pesocupnoodles! Haha I haven’t posted for weeks. Na brain drain din ako lately. Or perhaps it’s just the mental aftereffects of the holidays. 🙂


      2. omfg now there’s a translation! hahah but yeah, i would have thought “nababasa-basa” would mean something like “getting wet.”

        We should look forward to getting inspired everyday, it’s good brain exercise. We wouldn’t want to get rusty. 😀


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