A Letter For A Girl Who Wants The Same Person As I Do

Posted as a Facebook status:

Dear Damsel In Profound Distress,

I know you must be lonely and desperate as I can gather from your FB About page, but I hope you do realize that what you’re doing is getting you nowhere but your untimely mortal departure and your possibly unmarked grave. Surely, batting your eyelashes to my husband’s direction is an exercise in futility because I have longer, thicker ones. LOL.

You’re a finesse-devoid coquette and YOU CANNOT AFFORD MY BRAND OF ROMANCIN’ MY MAN. Give it up. I can read and see all your communication attempts, we are practicing absolute transparency here.

Sincerely he’s not yours,
Vivien Marie Lopez Jorillo

(You know who you are. Like this within 24 hours and I will not tag you.)



7 thoughts on “A Letter For A Girl Who Wants The Same Person As I Do

    1. Yes. The girl’s texting him like crazy. They’re acquaintances. It’s harmless in a sense that my husband is not entertaining her advances (so far my husband refused any meet-ups), that he’s very honest with me and that I can read everything in his cellphone like he can with mine (we have this share-everything kind of thing, we even share an account on Facebook so I can see everything the girl PM’s). The thing is, I’m just irritated that she can’t understand that the guy’s married. I want her to have some respect. She’s going to be bored soon enough (hopefully) when it’ll sink that she’s getting nowhere, but how long? I bet she’s going to do that with other couples as well if she has the tenacity to do it with my own relationship. I hope that status is enough, though.


      1. That is so wrong. What kind of person does that? Especially when you have a joint FB. Crazy. Sorry precious that you have this little thorn in your side. It will pass. Sounds like you have a great husband, lucky lady!!!


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