Her Panpsychism

will you touch my spine|
and know exactly who you are to me|
i am alive|
ten lifetimes and more|

for i live for your hair in my fists|
and with the air we share in this mashup of wits|
fortune has favored me, you|
to do it all today and tomorrow|

for this is beyond time and space|
and i’ll carry you, my love, in my roots|
with all courage and grace|
for my love doesn’t dwell in my heart
(that’s mainstream crap)|

it is in my soul, my dear|
my existence –

From your wife and queen,
Vivien Marie Lopez Jorillo
(c) 2013

Happy 10th Lifetime to my king, Edman Chris Dominique, recipient of The Eros Bound Envelopes. ❤

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