My Father’s An Ex-Priest and I Have No Religion But Love

I’m tired of hearing some priests selling heaven for the price of a) good deeds, b) faith/fervor, c) church attendance, d) absolute religious loyalty.

I don’t want to think of heaven as payment or control and conditioning to my actions. I’d like to think that what I do is out of respect and love for my co-humans, not because there is a promise of a five-star hotel after I’d check in my coffin, and certainly not because some higher being is giving you a right-minus-wrong exam. I can have heaven here on earth with the people I love. I’d like to think that even if there is no such thing as a super deity who goes all Santa when you’ve been a good little human, I have treated people well (or not) because I want to, from my own volition and will.

And stop blaming Satan for the so-called temptations. We all know it’s just ourselves messing with us.


Also: is there such thing as a happy god?

I’ve heard of jealous and vengeful gods, and gods who made martyrs out of themselves, and loving gods and creator-destroyer gods and insecure worship-hungry gods, but how about a really happy god? They say it’s lonely on top. Does perfection naturally come with happiness, or is that something not inside the package and even gods have to go look for that? Do they even need such a state of being?

Vivien Marie Lopez

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3 thoughts on “My Father’s An Ex-Priest and I Have No Religion But Love

    1. Not totally. Yes he’s cool and we discuss about ancient alien theories and the possibility that our ancestors have mistaken aliens for gods, et cetera, but he’s still very Catholic deep inside so I still have to go to church, for the sake of my very conservative, mainstream Catholic, strongly theist mother. Just to ward off mother-daughter fights. And he’s scolding me when I label myself an atheist/agnostic because if I believe in love and peace and goodness then I’m not really an atheist because those would be my gods. 😀


      1. Cool enough.
        I watched ancient aliens from History Channel and believed on it for a while but I’m over it even before I saw the video which debunked it.
        I grew up with a religious clan as well. My folks wished for me to be a priest but I intentionally failed the test and all that. Little do they know that I’m not a believer of religions anymore. I also go to church but it is more for them than for me. I don’t mind not asserting what I think is right. I think what’s important for me and my family is just to get along…. and spread the love. 🙂
        Like you I believe in love, peace, and goodness. 😉


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