When I had forgotten
What sunrises meant
You called me your sunshine
And opened a rip in time
The same way you did to my walls
The first time we were at our nearest
Coiled into a flesh-colored rose
Buried in the softest of thorn-decorated thickets

And by the birds and the bees this would cost me my sanity
For I have planted what makes martyrs
Out of seeds born from candor and tenacity
Very few could find in between parks and gutters
My diamond in the rough –
I shall polish and cut
With my most meticulous patience
And the severing of my arrogance
My dearest, I submit my dominance

For when I see the contours of your age
And smell your existence next to my fragile line of planes
I hear the battle cry of a want that mirrors fear and strength of survival
And taste the truth in your mouth while it engulfs mine
I touch gods and abysms and cosmos and nuclei –

And if you ask, whether in songs or gravel
In the instance the shooting stars refuse to travel
Let me direct and hold intact both our gravity
Let me become what you are to me

Truly yours,
your wife and queen
Vivien Marie Lopez Jorillo

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8 thoughts on “Pockets

    1. salamat po, 25pesocupnoodles! mas masarap kasi magbigay, lalong lalo na minsan parang hindi pa sapat yung pinapakita ko, parang hindi pa kayang abutin ng aking mga sinasabi at ginagawa ang tunay na katumbas ng pagmamahal ko sa kanya 🙂


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