Random: 2/13/2013


1. I got an online writing job, hence the rare posts.
2. I have immersed myself in the hardcore gaming universe.

After proudly patting myself in the back for never being a game addict (uh, there are those times when I play The Sims 2 or 3 or Medieval for three days with neither sleep nor shower, only food via room service a.k.a. screaming that you’re hungry so your mom/dad/helper would hear your pitiful cry and bring you your replenishment; and yes, I have also maxed my level in Prince Of Qin, and had lasted around three months in a game called Legend of the Golden Plume), I have eaten its very apple.

This fruit is called Forbidden Kingdom Online, and last week, I lost three days to just playing the game and leveling up.

I have five (hopefully valid) reasons:
1. I am in love with the landscape.
2. The heroes/characters/classes are adorable. My character, for one, is just beautiful and sexy (nevermind a noob; I named it after my husband and is a Naga; my husband used my name as his character’s, a very lovely little girl in the Kitsune class).
3. It’s quest-based, so I don’t get bored and I can follow the story line (unlike some other online games where all you do is kill and kill and kill)
4. I get to understand the hardcore gamer in my husband.
5. I am with my husband in this.

If you want to take a peek at the game or have the urge to download it, click this very sentence.

I’m also playing in an internet cafe/gaming station, because to download it into my laptop/pc is to deviate me from my work. It’s a good thing because playing in a public place means more friends to shout at and scream with when you are forming a party or an alliance and killing monsters and bosses.

But then, it also means that I will get confused, because there’s one thing about hardcore gamers that I really don’t quite get.

A game is just a game right? It’s virtual. It’s not actual reality. It’s not personal. I’m not going to be proud of my character when it becomes too strong to handle or whatever. After all, you’re just clicking the mouse and touching very few keys repeatedly. I also don’t care if someone calls me a noob. When I get killed, I am contented with the fact that game people are phoenixes, they live again.

But my husband and friends? Apparently they don’t share my this-is-just-a-game-so-I-am-nonchalant school of thought, because these are the things that happen when we’re all in that virtual battlefield:

1. Really hostile trash talking
2. Real-life envy
3. Financial bankruptcy due to in-game spending (top-ups)
4. Sending hate mail to GM’s every time the server is down even though they seem to be actually doing their job
5. Destroying and wreaking havoc all over the internet cafe because of an in-game bad news or loss

And I don’t see the point. Why would you compromise your real-life friendship and health and wealth just for an online game? While this is actually true for any kind of addiction, I don’t think these guys are addicted to it yet, they don’t pass the criteria.

I don’t see the point why you should act all arrogant about your character, and when someone “weak” passes by, you just bully the person right away. I don’t understand why all the pride at something that is actually non-existent. I don’t believe that it’s some kind of compensation for insecurity because these guys are actually awesome. My husband is a painter/tattoo apprentice/graphic designer/musician/vocalist/genius.

Well. This makes me a bit scared and worried now. Is this because they have higher testosterone levels? Does this have something to do with that and only that? What am I talking about? OK, pardon me, I have to cut you short, I don’t know what to say anymore, I want to play Forbidden Kingdom now, I can’t resist the urge.

Goodbye for now. TTYL.


8 thoughts on “Random: 2/13/2013

  1. i suffer gamer’s rage when i play games. which is why i dont play them..that and i play so horribly. i killed my Sims when i remodeled her house. i accidently erased her bathroom and her bladder exploded. see horrible!! but i love games!!!


      1. after i killed my Sims i decided it was time to take a break.
        yes, well you dont really want to experience Gamer’s rage. 🙂 i think its because of my obsessive behaviour and because i have to be so damn perfect all the time, i want to be the best..ha thats so funny, i suck at games. which is why i get so angry!!!
        gamers rage is not that all that and bag of chips! but at least your keeping your head and enjoying your games!


    1. LOL that’s okay, play super mario with a little kid’s heart, i enjoyed that game a lot back then 🙂

      But many online games are easy to play in a sense that it’s just the mouse and the hotkeys and you’re good to go. The hard part is when you try to make your character difficult to kill.

      That depends though if you want the RPG type where you have to level up the character, join guilds/alliances, wage war, have quests, etc., or if you want the DOTA type of online game where it’s all sweet violence (i get bored with the DOTA type, not unless I play the campaign mode where it follows the storyline).

      Go for it!

      (be warned about the addition though, it’s not actually good for the soul. LOL)


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