February 14

I think people have been mistaken to believe that love comes from the heart or the hypothalamus. I don’t see love as merely an emotion, for emotions change. I don’t see love being confined only to the naivete of bliss, or love being thrown away when the shit hits the fan because happiness is not the absence of pain but a balance and acceptance and a sense of serenity among the good and the bad and the beautiful and the ugly. I don’t see love as a noun, it is a verb. I think the mainstream perception of love is skewed, conditional, finite, shallow, bullcrap.

I think – well, I know. Love, mad and authentic and eternal, springs from the soul.

Oh, the hype. It’s St. Valentine’s feast day tomorrow, not love per se. Not even the feast of Eros/Cupid or Aphrodite.
I love my husband every single day, and that makes each sunrise a celebration of that.

Valentine’s Day should be renamed Thou-Must-Have-A-Date-Or-Thou-Shall-Be-A-Smelly-Loser Day or Date-Or-Death Day, because that’s what society thinks it’s all about.

Also, that heart shape is actually a butt.
And that the organ that is most sensitive to our feelings and emotions and whatsits is not actually the heart, but the gut.
And I also said in my previous status that love belongs to the soul, not the heart. But because I also said that love is not merely an emotion but a series of actions and a continuous connection, I rest my case.

So I’m going to give my husband a model of the stomach on Soul’s Day. But I will also give him a heart shape… thing, because I also give him my butt. Haha. Here -> ♥

To end on a serious note, none matters except who matters. Holidays and timestamps are irrelevant. Though it never hurts to celebrate Valentine’s Day, just let me remind all those who have posted in their news feed that need a date or don’t have one or something of that bitter sort. Love happens everyday, as natural as the planet’s rotation on its axis, constant and 24/7, never to stop, never to take a recess, never to complain, never to fail in giving someone’s night and day, regardless of time zone. All that while maintaining to revolve around that which we find light in a sea of darkness and chaos, all that with a plethora of conundrums (whether mundane or insane) living and dying inside, all that in a dance with gravity.

So to my king and husband, that paragraph above – that’s what it means when I tell you that you mean the world to me, just as I am to you. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, ALWAYS AND FOR THE STRETCH OF ETERNITY. ♥

Semper Fidelis,
Vivien Marie Lopez Jorillo


I would like to greet everyone here a Happy Love Day, not just for Valentine’s, but everyday. May you see always how beautiful it is to give to others the most wonderful you thing you have and have it given back, a gift that never stops giving.

For the self, for close circles, and for the world.

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