More Spit at Spit Or Swallow

Spit Or Swallow re-introduces a rather late bloomer of a limb called To Spit: Random Rants.

Why they are random is entirely the fault of every stimulus that‘s suitably rantable (is there such a word?), especially in a time when every meal has a corresponding Instagram picture and every teen with a bathroom mirror and a camera phone immediately launches countless camwhored albums. To Spit is the author‘s equivalent to that. To be exact, they are the author‘s rather lengthy Facebook posts, because she can neither take a good picture of mouthwatering food nor take pictures of herself with her own cellphone to flood her timeline with.

Yes, they are personally honest and critical, and the author hopes that no one is to be offended except those who need such. Feel free to talk back. After all, they are the author‘s coffee conversation starters without the coffee shop. They also represent what a friend of the author‘s might tell you if you ask what she‘d be like.

Consider To Spit as the author in the act of taking her clothes off.

So bare with me.

Thank you very much and regards 🙂

Truly yours,


Saliva at Spit Or Swallow

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