The Aisle of Isles

Where is the moon
The tides had gone berserk
They have usurped the control room
And aiming for another ship to wreck
To choke the throat and kidnap breaths
The Pacific has never been so cold
The tremors hurt and the diaphragm folds
A book of a voyage caught in a shitstorm
Here is a note in a bottle
To speak for the moon and the tides before they sink an isle or atoll:

Let me embrace
This beautiful pain
I won‘t give up
Not on this page
Never on the chapters to come

Let me just love
A thousand times and more
A million cracks and faults
To kill with my lock and hold
For even gods do wreak havoc

The stones in your hand
You can throw them all at me While I gather and use mine
To build you a pretty city
Indestructible by time

Let me understand
When anger steals your heart
And while it stills our photographs
I‘ll use this time and war
To give you the best of your woman

So let me whisper
To this raging monster
That he‘ll always be The Author of the Birds
Then perhaps he‘ll listen to his queen if he remembers
And go back to where we were

Let me keep
This ring you gave first
And even if you‘ll take yours off
This is one thing you can’t take away from me
This bond knows no conditions, my dear

Let me embrace
This ugly penetrating pain
I won‘t give up
Until sunshine hits your face
And you see her holding you with all her faith

Let me love more
In eleven thousand heavens
And a million levels of hell
I‘ll walk with you on lush carpets
And carry you as we tread

on burning charcoal and bullets –

Vivien Marie Lopez Jorillo

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