This devourfest
Inspires we
Be fueled
Be sadist
Swallow my worth

Read between me
Ride my mouth
Impale, control me
Savor my sound
And know truth with me

Nothing matters
Just you, me
Cast your chances
And take me
Over and over again

Take your unmeasured leisure
I’ll meet your tongue, coil into a pretty pleasure
For my fever connoisseur
Here lies your museum of pleasures

This reapfest
Consumes we
Be ruthless
Pursue here
Forsake all else

Command me, free me
Wet my parched throat
I’ll drive your sanity
Thread and tight ropes
Always your muse and nymph

Shiver, slither
Come show me
A god‘s wrath and power
Further, madder
Wear my hide
And own me forever.

Vivien Marie Lopez Jorillo

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