I have accepted the challenge to partake in the grueling task to write tales of a genre that I have never touched (due to pride, prejudice, and disdain), my very Achilles’ Heel.

How does a poem-padded, lyric-lured, gore-grinding, macabre-marrying, creep-consuming, testosterone-toed idiot with SciFi beginnings and philosophical and psychological misgivings weave a series of chick literature badassery? (Seriously, it’s an endless estrogen vacuum.)

I hope that this acrobatic venture becomes a strength, and that with developed grace, becomes versatility.

(And basically, that’s the reason why I have not updated Spit Or Swallow for ages. But the quiet beat is temporary.)

And though I loathe every aspect of the genre I have been assigned to, I find myself strangely very happy. 🙂

I would greatly appreciate tips from all the amazing writers here, I really do suck at chick literature/romance/erotic stories.


Vivien Marie Lopez-Jorillo

The Author

Spit Or Swallow


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